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Janjevo/a offers its tourists two traditional homes along with delightful home-made food. The calm atmosphere within the houses will make you feel both comfortable and relaxed.


The Roza Guesthouse run by the family of Milazim Krasniqi (2 rooms each with double size beds)

– phone: +377 44 345-130

The Fontana Guesthouse run by the family of Mujedin Bikliqi (2 hostel-like rooms, one with a double size bed and the other with 3 single beds).

– phone: +377 44 751-752  or  +377 44 429-268

Both guesthouses have bathrooms (shared by guests, but separate from the family), with showers and hot water facilities.

Please call to make reservations. There will be someone on any of the phone numbers who speaks English, Albanian and Serbo-Croatian languages.

Both guesthouses are located at the entrance to the town, walking distance from all places of interest and tourist sites.The Fontana is 10 minutes and Roza is 15 minutes walk away from Bashcarshija, the market square. The guest rooms in both facilities feature traditional Kosovan decor, furnished with antique Janjevan carvings and artefacts. You will receive a traditional Janjeva/o family welcome but have your own room to relax. You can enjoy home-made local cuisine: pite, flija, and home-made bread. Delicious!

Prices include breakfast (pancakes, omelette, croissants): €13 per person per night for Kosovars and €15 per person per night for foreigners.



Lunch is available at the Guesthouses, costing from €5 to €7 and ranging from home-cooked cheese and spinach pie to hearty potato, chicken soups and renowned local suxhuk. Evening meals are similarly priced serving meat, rice and salad options with dessert (trileqe, gurabija, ice cream).

The local homemade rose-petal cordial is a treat in the summer months, handpicked and grown in the Guesthouse gardens.

Additionally, both guesthouses have a clean kitchen facility equipped with a fridge and oven so you can prepare your own food if you wish. There are also small cafes dotted around the village serving coffee and snacks, as well the village bakery.   .

At the entrance to the town you can find The Anija (‘Ship’) Restaurant which is a tourist attraction. The restaurant is a ship set in an artificial lake, around which tables are set for delicious and traditional fresh food and drinks.





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