Places Of Interest

IMG_4478Bust of Shtjefën Konstantin Gjeçov born in Janjevo/a on 12 July 1874. He finished his elementary education in his hometown, before leaving for religious and philosophical study. He was a researcher of ethnographic, historical, linguistic and archaeological material. He published many translations and original writings both under his real name and pseudonyms. In 1904 he published the Life of Saint Lucia, Reconciliatory of Archdioceses of Durres, and in 1905 he wrote the tragicomedy Markhulli Kryqytas. His most important work is the summary of the law and customs of the Albanian people titled the Canon of Lek Dukagjini. Shtjefën Gjeçov was killed in 1929 by Yugoslav gendarmes. The elementary school in Janjevo/a bears his name today and every year in June, July or October a literary and cultural event called “The traces of Gjeçov” is held in the school.



The house where Shtjefen Gjeçov was born on 12 July 1874 was rebuilt in 2004-2005 by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.






St. Nicholas Catholic Church was built in 1856. Every year the Janjevo/a Catholic community– Croats and Albanians – celebrates the Day of the Church, St. Nicholas Day, on 9 May. To celebrate this day, many guests come from Croatia and across Kosovo.








 The Murat Bey Mosque in Janjevo/a is around 400 years old and is located in the centre of the town.





 “Isak Baba” Tekke / Tomb is about 500 years old. It is thought to be of a soldier who defended the village population and was killed in action. His exact origin and from whom he was defending the population are unknown.



 The Red Water Spring comes from high up in the hills and is named for its striking appearance. Local legend maintains that the water will cure warts.







 Post Office/Bank built in 1890 in the town market square by a Croat inhabitant who had just returned from the USA and built it together with a Turkish architect. The style of this building is mixed: its appearance from outside is American in style, while inside it has an Ottoman style with a typical balcony. It is thought that the first Post Office to operate in the territory of Kosovo was opened in this house. At other times, the house was also used for banking services.


The Veletin Castle Observation Point is 970 metres above sea level, and located about 1.5 kilometres northwest of Janjevo/a and is the highest point from which the entire town and surroundings could be observed. On clear sunny days, the towns of Lipjan, Prishtina and Ferizaj can be seen.




The Janjevo/a Pines offer a beautiful natural landscape where it is possible to go horseriding.



The Anija (‘Ship’) Restaurant is a tourist attraction located at the entrance to Janjevo/a. A private businessman has set a ship in an artificial lake, around which tables are set for food and drinks . It is a particular favorite for families with children.



The Janjevo/a marketplace is the centre of the townand historically, as today,a place of trade. Now there are a few shops and cafes, and a market held on Fridays.

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